Gas Burning Direct Vent Fireplace


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Pacific Energy



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Vermont Castings


If your home has no chimney, then you should install direct vent fireplace or so called "zero clearance" fireplace.

When installing a direct vent fireplace, the fireplace should be installed first then a frame installed around it. Typically there are 3 type of installations for direct vent gas burning fireplace as shown below

A: Out of wall installation (shown below)

If you plan to install fireplace like this, the most important things you have to decide are the New Frame Width and New Frame Depth according the layout and dimension of the room.

B: Corner installation (shown below)
If you plan to install fireplace like this, the most important thing is to determine the Maximum Allowable Length since it might be limited by window, door or nearby furniture.

C: Alcove installation (shown below)
If you plan to install fireplace like this, the most important considerations are Alcove Width and Alcove Depth. They will determine the maximum size of your fireplace.

The most important to be considered while buying direct vent fireplace

1. Overall look

  • Fireplace is not just for heat. It's a major aesthetic focal point of a room. 
  • A fireplace can appear either comtemporary or traditional. Other decor in the room will contribute to the overall feel.
  • Direct vent fireplaces are very versatile. They generally come in three styles: Linear, Rectangular and Vertical

2. Flame

  • The flame is the most important aspect of a fireplace. It is where money goes. Better flame always cost more. 
  • Flames should be bold, vivid and bright yellow. 
  • Flames come from gas burning. Bigger flame requires more gas which translates into bigger input BTU.

3. Heating Capacity

  • A fireplace is not primary heat source for a house ( That's what a furnace or boiler is for! ). 
  • Fireplaces provide supplemental heat and create a cozy ambiance. 
  • The heating capacity of a fireplace is rated in the number of input BTU. The actual amount of heat is the output which equals INPUT BTU x EFFICIENCY. 
  • Heat output of fireplace is usually adjustable.

4. Efficiency

  • Although gas burning fireplace has improved a lot in terms of efficiency, there is no high efficiency one. Anything burning into yellow flame can't achieve high efficiency 
  • Fireplace with 65% efficiency or greater is considered a efficient one.

5. Blower

  • It won't increase heating capacity which is defined by burner. 
  • It does speed up the heat distribution. It needs electricity to run


Factors related to installation

1. Frame

  • It’s always better to install fireplace first then do framing around it 
  • Once fireplace is in place, you can freely design an aesthetic frame around it. 

2. Venting Route

  • Venting pipe for direct vent fireplace is concentric pipe. 
  • Typically it's 7" in diameter for fireplace less than 30,000 BTU or 8" in diameter for fireplace more than 30,000 BTU. When running venting pipe, usually 1.5" clearance around pipe is a must. So 7" pipe needs 10" of space or 8" pipe needs 11" of space 

  •  A typical venting terminal on an outdoor wall is shown below

3. Gas line

  • Gas line can be either from gas meter or furnace room. 
  • A shut off valve must be installed on the gas line to the fireplace

4. Mantel

  • If mantel is made by wood or any other combustible material, there must be clearance between fireplace and mantel. Mostly 12" would be fine.

Further factors to be considered:

1. Sealed combustion

  • Direct vent fireplace provide sealed combustion.

  • It doesn't consume indoor oxygen. It's much safer ,cleaner and more efficient than old style B-vent fireplace


2. Burner media

  • There are 3 kind of typical media: Log, Rock and Crystal

  • These media are made of ceramic which can sustain the high temperatures of fireplace.

  • Real rocks or crystals can't be placed inside fireplace as they might explode when set on fire.


3. Operation cost

  • If direct vent gas fireplace is rated as 27,000 BTU, it means this fireplace consumes 27,000 BTU energy per hour

  • One cubic meter of natural gas contains 27,000 BTU of energy. This fireplace will burn One cubic meter Natural Gas per hour.

  • Check your gas bill to find out the price of natural gas per cubic meter, let's say $0.40 per cubic meter. So the operation cost of this fireplace is $0.40 per hour.