Fireplaces not only create a romantic ambiance but also add to the value and desirability of your home. According to several surveys, the majority of homebuyers wants a fireplace in their new home and is willing to pay extra for one. But of course, a traditional fireplace that has woods cracking can be a hassle for many homeowners. Stack the firewood, clean the remaining ashes, and throw out the bags of pellets and the solid fuels polluting your house and neighborhood.

Gas fireplaces are now a popular choice amongst both – homeowners and homebuyers due to their convenience. Just flip a switch on the wall or use a remote controller – and voila! You have a fire!

The gas fireplaces are available in vented and ventless option. The ventless feature (free-standing units) is ideal for those homeowners that don’t have a chimney while the vented ones can be inserted in existing masonries or prefab fireplaces. Experts recommend vented units as safest since they draw in the outside air to keep the flames burning and continuously exhaust the water vapors and gasses that are released through the fire. The exhausted fumes and moisture that is released from the ventless units stay in the house which is a concern for many homeowners but the fireplaces are equipped with oxygen depletion sensors that turn the gas off before it reaches a dangerous level, thus ensuring the safety of people residing inside.

A gas burning fireplace can heat 1,000 to 3,000 square feet of your home, depending on the size of your existing unit. The gas fireplaces can be installed in any room of a single family home for a very low cost. They also require minimal maintenance except for an annual checkup.

A gas burning fireplace can also give you reduced heating bill. All you have to do is keep the heating thermometer of your central heating system turned down and enjoy the warmth of the gas burning fireplace any time of the day and year.

Many homeowners say that a gas fireplace won’t give them the traditional snap, pop, and the aroma of a real fire, but it will definitely give your home a green factor. The fumes exhausted from a gas fireplace have a 65 % - 95 % efficiency rating which means very little pollution or no smoke. The gas fireplaces also eliminate the need of frequent cleaning as there is no ash or creosote produced with them.

According to Residential Cost Handbook, a gas fireplace also has the ability to add a good turnaround to the current value of your home. Many homebuyers prefer a home with a gas fireplace rather than one that is equipped with a traditional wood burning unit.


Most people say that a fireplace can make your house into a home. With the availability of many choices in designs, a gas fireplace can give your home a decorative touch and continuous levitating flames. But many of you might not have the time to shop around for a gas fireplace. The installation process is also not cheap. We at Easy Quote Line are here at your service. Just fill out the information form and we will get several quotes for you. All you have to do is create a project and chose the contractors for quote. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy the gas fireplace.