Two Important Factors to Consider When Getting Quotes for a New Furnace

A furnace is such an essential piece for home comfort in the house. Whether it’s a new installation,or replacement of an old furnace there are many things to consider as it is a big purchase. 


Heating capacity and efficiency are too important to be ignored therefore I’ll skip them here. What I want to stress are two things:


1.    Burner style

            There are 3 types of burner on the market: single stage burner, two stage burner and modulating burner. Because the outdoor temperature is always changing, in order to keep indoor temperature at comfortable level, the heat needed is changing as well.


The furnace with modulating burner can provide variable amount of heat to best match weather condition. Furnace with single stage burner doesn’t have this ability at all. Two stage burner furnace falls into between.


2. Blower type

            Blower is the core component inside the furnace as it pushes the air inside whole house through ductwork. The best blower is DC variable speed blower as it adjusts blower speed according to the airflow needed inside of house.


            Blower is not only the key component of furnace, but also important part of central air conditioner, air cleaner and humidifier.


The best furnace on the market comes with modulating burner and DC variable speed blower. One level down is furnace with 2 stage burner and DC variable speed blower. The furnace with single stage burner and fixed speed blower is the basic one for builders.


When buying furnace, pay attention to the features mentioned above and shop wisely. You can usethe free service provided by to get several quotes to compare. It will help you save time and money.