The Top Five Home Furnace Tips

Caring for your furnace can seem like a daunting prospect that’s easy to ignore, when in fact there are only a few easy measures that need to be taken in order to provide huge benefits for you and your home. Taking simple safety precautions, performing a few maintenance operations, and increasing energy efficiency all contribute to a successful heating system and can be completed with only a bit of extra effort on your part. Below are instructions on how to achieve these tasks.

1. Keep Your Furnace Room Clutter Free

In order to minimize safety hazards, it is important to keep your furnace room clutter-free. Storage containers and other items should not be placed directly against the furnace, and flammable materials should be kept in another part of the home. Remember that the furnace must always be easily accessible.

2. Keep Your Furnace Clean

Keeping your furnace itself tidy, and not just the area around it, is another important step. A simple task that can be done on your own is cleaning your filters. Union Gas recommends changing filters every one to two months while the furnace is in use ( Make sure to follow the instruction manual carefully, and to cut off all power supply to the furnace while you are at work.  

3. Choose a Licensed Contractor

While minor maintenance chores can be done without the help of a professional, it is important to only attempt what you are comfortable with, and to acquire assistance should any major issues arise. When doing so, always ensure that you choose a licensed contractor. Canada’s Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute has a helpful contractor locater to find qualified technicians:

4. Lower Your Thermostat Temperature

A furnace in good working condition is itself a step towards lowering energy costs, but further measures can be taken on this front. One easy tip is to lower your thermostat temperature. Enbridge Gas estimates that lowering the temperature of your home just 3°C at night and during the working day can save up to six percent on a monthly heating bill ( 

5. Winter-Proof Your Home

Winter-proofing your home is another way to optimize energy costs and ensure that the effort put into maintaining your furnace isn’t being put to waste by problems elsewhere in your home. Doors and windows should be properly insulated, and chimney dampers should be shut when fireplaces are not in use. You can also avoid heating unused rooms by closing any vents and keepings doors secured.

Keeping these tips in mind and being proactive about your furnace upkeep will ensure your home is warmed safely in a reliable, cost-effective manner for many years to come.

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