The online convenience makes free-estimate look like a fool

In the article, “The Myth of Free Estimates,” we revealed the truth about those “Free Estimates” which don't value your time at all.

Is there a better way than in-house free estimates to help you get quotes? Thanks to the internet, online convenience makes the in-house free estimate look foolish.

The reason why the free estimate sounds reasonable is because you don't know what would effect the price. This is especially true for furnace, air conditioner, and fireplace installations where labor cost is a large factor in the final price. You want a professional taking a look at the job and doing the necessary measurements.

However, has a tailored form which is designed by people who have done thousands of free estimates. It will guide you to collect the necessary information that contractors need for accurate quoting.

Getting quotes in this new way is beneficial to you because:

  1. Avoid repeated visits. If you want 6 quotes from free estimates, you will have 6 visits from 6 contactors. So 6 people, 6 visits – all looking at the same room in the same house doing the same measurements. Does it make sense to you?
  2. Quick responses. Since you can collect all the necessary information through an online service like, you send contractors everything they need to know to create an accurate quote. They can work on the price right away, making it easy to get 6 quotes in the same day.
  3. No pressure to cloe the deal. Every contractor who's doing free estimates wants to close the deal on site. You will feel the pressure more or less. Some homeowners find it hard to say no, so they might not be able to get a fair price. With this online service, you can feel relaxed and confident that you're getting the best deal.
  4. No language barrier. You don't have to speak English well, as long as you understand simple English, you can easily fill out the form to get quotes quickly.

Shop Smart! Ditch free estimates and go online to