The Myth of Free Estimate

When buying furnace, air conditioner or fireplace, you will shop around to get several quotes in order to make sure you get best price. “Free Estimate” is what you will hear quite often when you want a quote from contractors. That means contractors will come to you house to do some measurements then give the quotes.

Is the so-called free estimate really free? The answer is yes if you don’t value your time. It’s free because it doesn’t cost you money, but what about your precious time?.

When booking an appointment, probably you have to wait a day or two for contractor’s coming.  

Mostly, the appointment time is either early morning before you leave home for work or supper time after you come back from work. Or you might have to take a day off. Super inconvenient.

After contractor comes, you have to spend 30 minutes to an hour to watch contractor doing some simple measurement. At this point you probably will ask yourself, why can’t I do this measurement? Let alone some contractors might be very pushy to make you sign the contract on site.

After all these work, you get one quote. If you want to get a few more quotes in order to get best price, you have to repeat the whole process a few times more.  


The time wasted is huge. Definitely, you can take these time for better use.

There has to be a better way to get you quotes than free estimate.