The Do’s and Don’ts of Home Air Conditioners

Having an air conditioning unit in your home can literally change your mood, because you will always have the opportunity to keep a constant temperature. However, an air conditioning unit does require quite a lot of attention if you want it to work properly, and this is the main reason why we have created a list of do’s and don’ts in regards to Air Conditioner maintenance.

Home Air Conditioner Do’s

• One of the most important things that you need to keep in mind at all times when you have an air conditioning unit is that you need to clean it often. Dust, grime and even allergens can accumulate in it, and that means that you may live in a toxic environment if you don’t clean the unit often. On top of that, you will have to keep the unit a little pitched to the outside of your window. This method is simple, but very useful in keeping the humidity and condensation far from your home, as leaks can happen from time to time.

• If you have an old unit that’s not performing as expected, then it’s recommended to invest in a new one that uses the Energy Star logo, as these ones are very efficient.

• Additionally, if you want to perform a thorough cleaning, you should use only natural cleaners and not chemicals, as these can be damaging for the unit. Of course,the motor also needs to receive extra attention, and you need to clean it at least once every three years if you want to keep it running at the same great standards as before. 

• We also recommend that you invest in a great quality digital thermostat, as this is one of those things that rarely break, so you will save some money in the long run. On top of that, they are easier to control as well. Having your air conditioning system serviced at least twice a year can keep problems at bay, so we recommend you have a consistent service schedule.

Home Air Conditioner Don’ts

• When you have an AC unit, you need to avoid using an extension cord, because the longer the cord is, the lower the voltage will be, which means that the AC unit will require more electric energy to run. 

• Another crucial thing to know is that plants shouldn’t be located near the unit, as they can be damaged by the different types of temperatures that are exiting from the unit. Instead, focus on moving them to a different location.

• Don’t use wood or bricks to mount the unit, instead try to use the special brackets, as these are essential in keeping you and the unit safe.

• Also, avoid using sharp objects when cleaning the unit, because these can easily damage the condenser and cause leaks.

These are the best do’s and don’ts tips for home air conditioners that you need to follow. You need to pay extra attention to the don’ts category as those actions can easily damage your AC unit if you are not careful. Check your AC unit often, clean it and avoid damage, and you will definitely have it running well for a very long time!